Episode 36 2017

Episode 36 Guests: Margy Hegney Hall, Kym “Bid” Bidstrup, Lewis & Louise Matson. Topics: Doomed?, Declining Does! & Maxi Not So Taxi!

Episode 35 2017

Episode 35 Guests: Stephen Pallaras QC, Natalie Bennett, Anita Tassone & John Hammond. Topics: A Bit Rich!, Think DINK! & Dual Duel!

Episode 34 2017

Episode 34 Guests: Kane Boyatzis, Yvonne Ardley, Suzie Hunt & Jon Lewis.
Topics: Private Joke, Table for One? & Party’s Over!

Episode 33 2017

Episode 33 Guests: Kym “Bid” Bidstrup, Jewel Clayton, Katerina Janceska & Darren de Mello.
Topics: Beyond Joking??, More Fake News? and Touch & Go Gran

Episode 32 2017

Episode 32 Guest Host: John Gangell
Guests: Clinton White, Vincion Geneste, Rashelle Predovnik & Darryl Howrie.
Letters: After Life??, Where is Love? and Safer???

Episode 31 2017

Episode 31 Guests: Deanna Whyte, Darlene Gianoli, Alexandra Spargo and Lulu Ball.
Topics: Who’s Listening, Did you just crap on me! & Bang More Bang.

Episode 30 2017

Episode 30 Guests: Russell Goodrick, Amanda Houghton, Natarsha Wrensted & Steve Nikola. Topics: Hard Times, ’m Not Sure-I think! & Digging for Lies.

Episode 28 2017

Episode 28 Guests: Slim Jim, Tania van Zijl, Nichola Renton and Peter Katsambanis.
Topics: Pregnant Pause, Feeding Frenzy and Cyber Kids.

Episode 27 2017

Episode 27 Guests: Bec Hall, Kym “Bid” Bidstrup, Harry Bozin and Julie Kay-Darby.
Letters: Divine or Diva, Double Jeopardy & No Substitute?

Episode 26 2017

Episode 26 Guests: Bec Hall, Kym “Bid” Bidstrup, Harry Bozin and Julie Kay-Darby
Letters: A 2Morrow Please & Bogie vs Logie PLUS Movies with Bid