Episode 42 2015 (Crew Special)

To conclude our 2015 season, Co-Producer Mason Samuels guest hosts and is joined by some of the crew that help make Sweet and Sour possible!
Topics: Love at 1st Sight, Not so Bygone and Vale-Valentine

Episode 40 2015

Guests: Louise Anton Miller, Janey Noble, Yvonne Adele (Mega) and Suzie Hunt.
Topics: Wedding Blues, The Blog Fog and What Ya Guna Do?

Episode 39 2015

Guests: Louise Anton Miller, Janey Noble, Yvonne Adele (Mega) and Suzie Hunt
Topics: Devil You Know, City Vs State and Tight as a Fishes’

Episode 38 2015

Guests: Darren de Mello, Tenille Bentley, Susie Hunt and Steve Nikola
Topics: Cheers!, Sibling Snobbery and King Turnbull

Episode 37 2015

Guests: Anita Tassone, Louise Anton Miller, Paige Nicole and Lisa Needham
Topics: No Horsing, Just Cruising and What Rubbish!!!

Episode 36 2015

Guests: Kym ‘Bid’ Bidstrup, Lisa Needham, Anita Tassone and Harry Bozen.
Topics: Sexfest, Caught in the Act! and What a Banker!!

Episode 35 2015

Guests: Vince Garreffa, Monica Beazley, Alexandra Spargo and Lewis
Topics: Baby Makes Two, No Self Respect and Head Space

Episode 34 2015

Guests: Alice Niculescu, Kellie Germain, Riston Silver and Stephanie Paris-Berlin
Topics: Single & Happy, Who’s the daddy and Board-Her Ex

Episode 33 2015 (Halloween Special)

Episode 33 Guests: John Gangell, Clinton White, Leah Baker, Deanna Whyte and Dr Peter Dingle.
Topics: Hollow -een, Party’s Over? and Who Ya Gonna Call?

Episode 32 2015

Guests: Bruce Henderson, Carmen Hansberry, Nicola Renton and Aden Date
Topics: Eat up or Out!, God & My Right and Don Wari B Hapi

Episode 31 2015

Guests: Matt Fuller, Amanda Weston, Susie Hunt and Glenn Hall!
Topics: Dad’s Bad!!!, Turnbull Tirade and Lion Feed