Episode 38 2010

Italian Special!
Guests: Steve Maccorra, Angie Pellicciotta, Juanita Napoli and Charlie Barilla.
Topics: Mama Bummer, My God or Yours and 3’s a crowd.

Episode 37 2010

Episode 37 Guests: Charlie Barilla, Juanita Napoli, Lucy Nicol and Harry Bozin.
Letters: Good Looks…Bad Heart, Commoners vs Blue Bloods and Butt Ugly Bubs.

Episode 36 2010

Episode 36 Guests: Slim Jim, Nerida Moore, Suzie Hunt & Dr Peter Harries.
Letters: Email Moron, To live with or not? and Lover or Letch.

Episode 35 2010

Episode 35 Guests: Glenn Hall, Nichola Renton-weir, Louisa Fitzhardinge & Craig Williams.
Letters: Spouse Louse, Wayward Women’s Rights & Craft Witchery.

Episode 34 2010

Episode 34 Guests: Leffy Boyatzis, Angie Pellicciotta, Lauren Emmens & Seamus McNally
Letters: It hurts too much, Boy ‘O’Boy & Mumma Bumma

Episode 33 2010

Episode 33 Guest host: Max Kay
Guests: Suzanne Barton, Suad Majrouh, Alexandra Spargo and Anita Tassone.
Letters: Up in smoke, Housemate Jealousy & Dirty Temptations.

Episode 32 2010

Episode 32 Guests: Vince Gareffa, Shelley Johnston, Lezly O’Donahue & Steve ‘Millsy’ Mills
Letters: Your place or mine…not, More arse or class & Moon Baffoon.

Episode 31 2010

Episode 31 Guests: Darren de Mello, Jessie James, Daniela Pola & Chris Young
Letters: Daughter Dramas, Cold feet on the cheat & 90 percent dole bludger.

Episode 30 2010

Episode 30 Guests: Candice Barnes, Jessica Cribbon, Amanda Houghton & Perrie Taylor
Letters: Beautiful but embarrassing, Sleeping separately and Bomb the boats.

Episode 29 2010

Episode 29 Guests: Tenille Bentley, Lisa Needham, Monique Varnavides & Luke Mitchell
Letters: Hers is bigger than mine, Who’s Mr Evil? & More kids..Less Money

Episode 28 2010

Episode 28 Guests: Matt Fuller, Lisa Cooke, Suzie Hunt & Glenn Hall.
Letters: money money money, Current Affairs & Naughty Neighbours.

Episode 27 2010

Episode 27 Guests: Johnnie Love, Barbara McNaught, Perrie Taylor & Cr James Limnios.
Letters: DNA Disaster, Poll Toll & Not So Together.