This Week's Guests

  • Kym "Bid" Bidstrup Actor & Filmmaker
  • Suzie Hunt Architect
  • Benjamin Norris  TV Presenter & Constant Talker
  • Dr Katherine Iscoe              Author, Speaker & Confidence Expert

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We're back in our at-home studios for another big episode of solving your problems Australia and do we have a lineup for you!
This week, with Australia playing follow the leader with the US for decades, How long until we see a trump-like figure here? Plus, Is it right to be supporting bigamy on the public dime? And the kids moved back in thanks to COVID-19 and show no sign of leaving. Is this the new norm? And has COVID bought families closer together?

Your Say

Australia has been consuming American culture since the end of WWII. Do you believe Australia will see the rise of a Trump figure?

Is it acceptable in this modern age that Australian society tolerate bigamy supported by social security benefits?

Have families become closer since Covid hit the world?