This Week's Guests

  • Hon. Bob Kucera
  • Jewel Fisher Creator of "The Devils Tears"
  • Christine Burke          Entrepreneur
  • Harry Bozin    Mortgage Coach

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We're firing up our at-home studios for another big episode of solving your problems Australia! Joining Mitch this week is Jewel Jackson Fisher, Harry Bozin, Bob Kucera & Christine Burke!

This week, They just drove off without a care in the world. So has the younger generation got no sense of moral decency? The panel has their say. Plus, They were childhood sweethearts. But they drifted apart. Now he's back and she wants to pick up where they left off...Just one problem...They're both married! , And what does the world have in store post-COVID?

Your Say

Are the behaviours of people in modern times less ethical than times previous?

Do affairs ever finish in happy endings?

With covid19 still ravaging the world, has it changed our way of life forever, leaving us with an uncertain future for the next decade?