This Week's Guests

  • Anita Tassone Freelance Presenter NOW Actors
  • Natalie Bennett TV Prsenter
  • Alexandra Spargo             Artist
  • Elaine Palassis               Mother & Grandmother

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We're back with another @Home Edition of Sweet and Sour, with your favourite guests,  zooming in to solve your problems. 

This week, He's having a 1/4 life crisis. He expected to have his whole life sorted by age 25....But the total opposite is happening. So do we place too many expectations on young people to sort their life out early?

Also, She ended the relationship by saying "We'll see down the track"...BIG Mistake! Now he won't accept that they are no longer a couple. So how can she get him to take the hint, and can you be friends with your ex? 

And, while laying there appreciating each other in the bedroom, she did the unthinkable and reached for her phone to start checking social media! So Is technology taking over our lives?

Your Say

Has society placed too many expectations on young people to have their life sorted early?

Can you ever be friends with your ex?

Is Technology overtaking our lives?