Sweet and Sour is a television show made in Perth, Western Australia. It is produced at the North Metropolitan Tafe, and is screened across Australia .

Sweet and Sour is a very community orientated talk show in which people can write in and share their situation to a panel who helps to solve them. The Panel consists of the show’s host, Gary Mitchell, and a rotating panel of special guests.

Executive Producer, Gary Mitchell ( Mitch to his mates), has been the host of Sweet and sour for more than 10 years. He was compare of the 2004 National Community TV Awards, The Antennas, broadcast from Melbourne, when Sweet and Sour won its first big gong, the award for Australia’s Best Panel Show. The following year, Sweet and Sour began broadcasting across the country on the Community Network.

Commencing in 1998 and with more than 600 episodes broadcast, Sweet and Sour is Australia’s longest running Community Panel Show, and Western Australia’s longest running Community TV Show.