2020 Online Special


This Week's Guests

  • Tania Van Zil Councillor/Author
  • Lidia Kukulj-Tinelli Influencer
  • Alexandra Spargo             Artist
  • Vinnie Rose                    Musician

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We're back! Kicking off 2020 with an Online Special. And boy do our panel have a lot to discuss.  With news Missy Higgin's doctor dad was continuing to treat patients despite being COVID-19 Positive, We're asking, how can we trust our health care professionals when they don’t follow the procedures they prescribe?

Also, with leaders like Trump, Boris Johnson & ScoMo elected to be in charge, Is honesty & integrity no longer on people’s radar when they vote at the ballot box?

And she loves to bits her best friend of over 20 years, but she won't stop telling all her dirty little secrets every time they get together.She doesn't want to abandon her,  really can’t listen to it anymore. She begs our panel for suggestions.

Your Say

Do you believe Missy Higgins Doctor Dad was irresponsible to attend to his patients when he was only showing mild symptoms of illness?

Do Australians no longer vote at the ballot box with honesty as a main criteria for their politicians?

Should we always be the keepers of our friends' secrets?