Letters – Episode 33 2019

Below are the letters from Episode 28 2019. Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

Hi Sweet and Sour,

I’ve seen that both Facebook and Instagram are trialling hiding how many likes people get from their friends or followers on a post, in order, they say, to create a more equal/ inclusive environment for those whose posts don’t gain much interest.

Is it just me who thinks this is crazy? I’ve come to understand that these large corporations try to justify their actions by suggesting there is a greater good for the public. It never is that. It’s only ever about profit. Now they are trying to stop the creation of more and more influencers, the people who have thousands of followers and who can direct the flow of business.

Think about it, if no one knows who has more followers than the next person, the potential influence evaporates. Why do we tolerate this? Do you agree with my perspective? What can we do to protect against this type of corporate manipulation?


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