Letters – Episode 16 2018

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Dear Mitch & Panel,

Bloody brats!! It’s about time parents were held responsible for their kids’ antics no matter how young!! Up to the age of 18 in Australia, you’re considered a minor and are protected from most legal responsibility. So, the buck must stop with the people who are ultimately responsible for the bad behaviour. Don’t you think we’d be a far more civil community if all parents were forced to be responsible for the actions of their kids?

The majority of us already are!! I was delighted to read that the parents of a 5-year-old, in Kansas USA will be made to pay for the destruction to an art statue caused by their unrestrained child punching, hugging and pulling at the piece. He caused over $100,000.00 damage.

And there I was in a restaurant last week where two little kids ruined our night, while their parents sat at the next table to ours unconcerned with the noise, banging and throwing of food by their kids. I told the owner that I was not paying for our food and that he should demand those parents of the brats pay! We left. What’s wrong with making parents who don’t restrain kids, being made to be legally responsible in every way. When I was young, children were most definitely seen and not heard!


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