Episode 39 2019 (Christmas Special)


This Week's Guests

  • Christine Burke      Entrepreneur
  • Candice Barnes            Marriage Celebrant / Journalist
  • Margy Hegney Hall                   In Any Event
  • Bambi Le Fist                        Adult Entertainer

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It's our 2019 Christmas Special! Mitch and the panel are standing by to solve your festive problems.

She's thinking of calling her wedding off - Should she call it off at the Christmas lunch table? Also, What will Christmas be like in 20 years? And Should she forgive my husband's infidelities at Christmas?

Merry Christmas from Sweet and Sour!

Your Say

If Marriage is about equality should each partner only invite the same number of guests to the wedding?

Is the importance of Christmas being eroded by both growing atheism and commercial demands?

Can traditional marriages survive infidelity?