Episode 37 2019



This Week's Guests

  • Dr Jane Lucas               Cosmetic Physician
  • Louanne Ward          Relationship & Dating Expert
  • Dr Katherine Iscoe        Author, Speaker & Confidence Expert
  • Cara Little                           Owner - Pure Home Body / Speaker

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Our panel is back solving your problems. This week, It's too American! Can we forget Halloween and come up with our own traditions now, please? Plus How do you handle employees who constantly undermine you? And, every office has one! How do you stop the office skank?

Your Say

Do you believe the American Halloween Tradition can ever be displaced in Australia by a more Australian tradition?

Do you believe it to be a positive reaction when staff begin to be defensive and protective of areas they believe to be exclusively their domain?

When people move rapidly onto successive romantic partners, Is this behaviour a red flag for some underlying insecurity?