Episode 29 2019


This Week's Guests

  • Deanna Cooney                  Actor + Voice Coach
  • Lidia Kukulj-Tinelli     Influencer
  • Courtney Hahipene       Director of In School Yoga
  • Dr Katherine Iscoe             Author, Speaker & Confidence Expert

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This week on Sweet and Sour, Kissing Cousins - Is it acceptable in the modern age? PLUS Is it now ok to mine uranium & build nuclear power stations? or is it all about the money? AND Are we all really just living in a computer simulation? Elon Musk believes so, but do our panel?

Your Say

Is sexual promiscuity among cousins now generally acceptable?

Do you agree with The Mining Council of Australia’s view that its now safe to mine uranium despite the lessons of Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island plus the ongoing generational health issues from nuclear bombs and their testing?

Does God fail to exist if everyone stops believing?