Episode 28 2019


This Week's Guests

  • Deana Cooney                          Actor + Voice Coach
  • Courtney Hahipene            Director of In School Yoga
  • Lidia Kukulj-Tinelli Influencer
  • Dr Katherine Iscoe          Author, Speaker & Confidence Expert

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This week on Sweet and Sour, we have some juicy letters! Kicking off with the Tayla Harris footy statue - Is it pure tokenism? What has she really done? And are there more deserving subjects? Also, He hasn't spoken to his dad in over 10 years - She says enough is enough! Can our panel help end this family feud? And it's the latest government suggestion - Drug testing welfare recipients. Is it Too far or fair enough? Our panel weigh in

Your Say

Do you feel the Tayla Harris AFLW Statue is a little premature given a lack of long term accomplishment or achievement?

Can long term family estrangements be overcome when all parties remain indignant?

Is it ever worth holding on to work where you are being pressured or bullied?