Episode 24 2011

Guests: Dr Peter Dingle, Lisa Needham, Kristine Clarke and Darryl Howrie.
Topics: Old Values. New Values, Plus-sized Love and UnHappy Banking

Episode 23 2011

Episode 23 2011

Guests: Lewis the Entertainer, Despene Kalaf, Perrie Taylor and Steve “Millsy” Mills.
Topics: Run ’em’ over, To snitch or to bitch and Fashion Fatso’s

Episode 22 2011

Guests: Bob Kucera, Georgie Cicero, Alexandra Spargo & Simon Smith


Topics: A lion in my pants, Western World Wank & Lazy Lifestyle

Episode 21 2011

Guest host: Max Kay
Guests: Gary Carvloth, Jenny Seaton, Sandy Baker and Peter Harris.
Letters: Dirty Love, Marriage Miscarriage and Baddy Daddy

Episode 20 2011

Episode 20 2011

Guests: Angela Pellicciotta, Lisa Rainsford, Shelley Johnston and Anita Tassone

Episode 19 2011

Episode 19

Guests: Simon Smith, Nola Duncan, Julie Kay-Darby and Vince Garreffa. Topics: Cougar’s Kitchen, Aussie Dreaming and Wannabee Homewrecker

Episode 18 2011

Guests: Lisa Needham, Neil Hancock, Alexandra Spargo and Harry Bozin.Topics: A not so current Affair, Jobs for the girls and Blood Suckers Ball.

Episode 17 2011

Episode 17

Guest host: Lewis the Entertainer. Guests: Eleni Evangel, Stacey Snooks, Barbara McNaught and Paris Hokin. Topics: Rebound Therapy, Isle of Aids and Booting out the beloved.

Episode 16 2011

Episode 16

Guest Host: Shane McFarlane. Guests: Adam Peter Scott, Emma Zammit, Colin Ebsworth and Sarah Furtner. Debate Special.

Episode 15 2011

Episode 15

Guests: Alexandra Spargo, Susan Fahey, Shelley Johnston and Ainslie Gatt. Topics: One night stitch, Wild Sex or Take a Bex and Nothing succeeds like succession.

Episode 14 2011

Guests: Anita Tassone, Lauren Emmens, Harry Bozin and Jason Weeks. Topics: Sugar Wannabee Daddy, Brat Spat Hubby and Carbon Crap

Episode 13 2011

Episode 13

Guest Host: Max Kay, Guests: Brigitte Doucet, Stacey Snooks, John Arden and Heinz. Topics: Healthy Habits, Sweetheart or Sweet Affair? and “One of Those”