Episode 36 2011

Christmas & Crew Special.Guests: Sweet and Sour Crew. Topics: Regifting, Pedo Santa and A PC Christmas

Episode 35 2011

Guests: Harry Bozin, Alexandra Spargo, Anita Tassone and Darryl Howrie.
Topics: Man Made Up, Shake Up and Not So Thrill Ride.

Episode 34 2011

Guest host: Max Kay
Guests: Perrie Taylor, Miss Shelley Johnston, Stacey Snooks and Alexandra Spargo.
Topics: Three’s a crowd, Respect thy Husband and Strict Upbringing.

Episode 33 2011

Guests: Cameron Davis, Lauren Emmens, Alexandra Spargo and Harry Bozin.
Topics: Small Appendage, Shame and Family Scandal and Agree to Disagree.

Episode 32 2011

Guests: Lisa Fernandez, Danni Stefanetti, Simon Smith and Lukey Bolland.
Topics: Bigger Not Better, The World on a String and Treating Cheating.

Episode 31 2011

Guests: Lisa Fernandez, Danni Stefanetti, Simon Smith and Lukey Bolland

Episode 30 2011

Episode 30

Guests: Mark Readings, Yvonne Adele, Susie Hunt and Darren de Mello.
Topics: Baby Crazy, Open marriage, and A Beastly Beauty

Episode 29 2011

Guests: Glenn Hall (Host), Russell Woolf, Claire Munday, George Gayler & John Conway
Topics: Boyfriend on the edge, Risky Business & Copycat Mum.

Episode 28 2011

Guests:Vince Garreffa, Suzie Hunt, Kymba Cahill and Darryl Howrie.
Topics: Freaky Fetish, Dead but not down and Hell it’s Halloween.

Episode 27 2011

Guests: Heinz, Daniela Pola, Shelley Johnston and Lukey Bolland
Topics: Rash Behaviour, Dad’s on the Gaydar and Hump and Dump.

Episode 26 2011

Guests: Steve Maccora, Angela Pellicciotta, Dr. Angela Evangelinou and Glenn Hall.
Topics: Labouring Late, Two and a Half Twits and Quarter Past sex.

Episode 25 2011

Guests: Johnnie Love, Lauren Emmens, Eddie Nattrass and Alfredo Malabello.
Topics: Breaking up is hard to do, Men vs Machines and Sportsman or Caveman?